Adopt all the kittens

Adopt all the kittens

April and Asher

April and Asher came to us when a concerned neighbor saw them being given away for free on Facebook.  As many know, it is always best to ask for a re-homing fee, so that babies like these don't end up as bait or food. 


It is preferable for them to be rehomed together if at all possible. They have had their first Distemper shot and are currently on Strongtd  for round worms. They are very sociable with cats and people alike. We have not introduced them to the dogs, however they don't seem to concerned when the dogs are making a fuss.

At 8 weeks old, Asher is 2.75 pounds and April is 2.4 pounds. 


On 11/20/2020 at 10 weeks and 4 days, April and Asher found their forever home. They stayed together, which was our goal.